Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Eclipse" the Twilight Saga

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This photo is one of the scene in incoming "Eclipse" twilight saga. After the released of "new moon" the twilight saga last Nov.20,2009 until now i keep on watching it repeatedly i am happy because what they did in movie is almost same as the book it self, it was like i am reading the actual book inside the cinema. And i can't wait for June 2010 , date that they will release "eclipse" movie, i am excited because this is where belle became a woman and climax of the whole story of twilight saga. i hope you guys are excited too...
Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Men Fear Most About Marriage


Bride to be take note, this are worry syndrome that usually occurs to men whose going to you

  • That his odds of ever hooking up with a "hot babe" will become ill.
  • That you will gain 30 lbs.
  • That his friend with have all the fun while you'll force him to stay home and clean up.
  • That you will turn into his mother.

Photobucket i don't see why this worry syndrome be a hindrance in marrying the woman that you love...
Friday, November 6, 2009

Girlfriend Changes...He Freak About!


Men aren't the only one's who transform when they become part of a couple. Below what guys fear most:

26% -She don't want to have sex.
17% -She'll let her self go.
15% -She'll try to change the way i dress/talk/eat.
14% -She'll get really needy.
10% -She'll crack down on the guy.
7% -She'll push for more commitment.
5% -She'll want me to hangout with her family.
3% -She'll became a homebody.
3% -She'll bitch about interest in sport.

Photobucket Sad to say we are only human, anything and everything in the world change. But if you really love each other it really doesn't matter, what is the use of the mouth if you will not talk about your differences...

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