Monday, September 28, 2009

For Your Eyes Only!


Sushi every one? By just looking in this picture makes me hungry, but sad to say i can not eat this sushi.Why? believe it or not this one is made out of towel...surprised! me too! I want to buy this one for Christmas.





Photobucket Who knows where is the nearest confectionery store?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is Your Child Ready For School?


I am a single parent and a working mama with 2 kids. Education of my children is my no.1 priority. I have encounter two different experience of crucial social and emotional skills of my kids. When they first enrolled in nursery . My eldest daughter, i remember her 1st day in school she was excited, unlike any other child in the room she didn't cry when i was about to leave the room. She was prepared, she was 9 yrs. now and doing great in school. This time i enrolled his younger brother, i thought the situation would be the same for him like his sister before, and so i guess?, but when i was about to leave the room because parents are not allowed to stay inside during class. I was surprised when he clung in my leg and start to cry until i decided to stay and finished the whole session just for him to stay inside the school. He wasn't ready for school yet..

Here are some crucial social and emotional skills of a child that we parents should remember and consider for their readiness in school:

  • Confidence- children must learn to feel good about themselves and believe they can succeed.
  • Independence- children need to learn to do things for themselves.
  • Motivation- children must want to learn.
  • Curiosity- children are naturally curious and must remain in order to get the most of the learning opportunities.
  • Persistence- children must learn to finished what they started.
  • Cooperation- children must be able to get along with others and learn to share and take turns.
  • Empathy- children must learn to have interest in others and understand how they feel.

Experts agree that there are no absolute ways of determining if a child is ready for school. Standardized test are usually unreliable,since toddlers often develop at their own pace and can be simultaneously "ahead" or "behind" of their peers in different areas.

jack hummer What to look for ,What to do, so you know if he or she is ready for that big leap!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Must Know For Guys: Signs She's Cheating


  • A cheating woman will suddenly veer away from her daily routines.She suddenly disappears for hours on end.
  • Unfaithful woman freaks out over a simple question .Brief pause answering usually means that she is searching for answer in her mind for excuse.
  • A woman who's out to cheat start suddenly taking about an old friend in purposely vague manner. Something fishy is definitely a foot.If she keeps this friendship under wrap and is evasive about introducing the person to her partner.
  • A woman who wants to stray will start picking fights with her partner over every thing no.For some reason  nagging man helps her eliminate her guilt.
  • A woman who suddenly goes to parlor or hairdreser every week is most likely up to no good.

Photobucket Do not do to others what you do not want others do to you.....golden rules!

  • He sets target for how many times you have sex.
  • The lasts holiday he took was on December 25, 2003
  • He asked you to marry him over email.
  • You know his secretary's voice better than him.
  • He gets "a little low"when his boss leaves town.

Photobucket Yesterday my neck is in pain, today i have a headache! what's next? i think i am the one whose workaholic here...hahaha! 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Signs He's Not Over His Ex-Girlfriend

  • He called by her name in middle of sex.
  • He still keeps a photo of  him and her by his bed or in his wallet.
  • He's affected when he hears news about her. 
Photobucket Ouch! i don't know what to say if that happens to me.. i hope not..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retrenchment! what to do next?


"I'm sorry, but we can not renew your contract anymore", a former boss said. Getting retrenched especially during difficult times is the worst thing one could experience.I knew i survived it because of a few helpful hints.God forbid if retrenchment should happen to you(or already has), it's better that you heed these word. said mommy miam fabian. Retrenchment has more impact on mom's, especially if she is the bread winner of the family.Tips on how to gather self confidence and get a new job.

  • Do not lose hope in your future.
  • Jot down your priorities.
  • Change your perspective.
  • Constantly upgrade your self and your skills.
  • Update your resume to reflect your skills and accomplishment.
  • Have some assessment of your skills and interest.
  • Get references from your previous boss.
  • Use your network.
  • Always be look out for opportunities.
To retrenched means there is a business downturn, a structural thing and not employees fault.It's not the end world. Try to follow these simple tips and sure you'll get back on track for a new job in no time.

Photobucket Thanks you working moms for this wonderful tips!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Any Man Would Be Lucky To Have You


If you think your not beautiful, if you think others are better looking, more sexy and good dresser than you.Think again and keep it to your self.You tell your self "Any man would be lucky to have me" until it it sinks in and your start to believe..Here's 9 reason why your enough and any man would be so lucky to have you.

  • You believe in God, Love and Marriage.
  • You're not desperate or anxious .
  • You don't chase anyone.
  • You're not cynical.
  • You don't date man who don't want you.
  • You don't use sex to make man love you.
  • You don't go into pieces when relationship doesn't work.
  • You trust in the abundance and goodness of the universe; if not him someone better will come.
  • You wipe away your tears so that it doesn't smudge your make up and move on.

    "I am a beautiful woman. I am enough.". You told your self that you don't have to do anything on a date than show up. He'll either love you or not. It's not your fault if he doesn't call again. Your beautiful inside and out. Someone else will love you if he doesn't....

    Photobucket Some people doesn't appreciate what they have until it's gone..
    Monday, September 21, 2009

    A Woman Unlike Any Other


     Being a woman unlike any other is really an attitude.A Sense of confidence that permeates your being from head to toe.Most women forget that there are certain  manners to follow even man of your dreams is in front you. you may call this old fashion but it works, we want to be notice by men  won't  we? here are some tips to remember if you want to be a woman unlike any other....

    • You smile as if "you brightens up the whole world".
    • You listen "very attentively".
    • You talk "pause between the sentence and don't bubble in and out of nervousness".
    • You look "demurely and never stare".
    • You stand "straight".
    • You breath "slowly".
    • You sit "properly".
    • You walk "briskly with shoulder back".
    Doing this simple things will not cost you .You don't have to be rich or exceptionally smart to feel this way about your self and you don't have to be born with this feeling either.So practice, practice,practice makes a man perfect...


    Yeheey!!! Girl Power!!! This is my first blogs i hope i can share more tips and guides as many as i could.Love it!!!                                                                          

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