Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have To Write But Need To Rest


I just got home and it's 2:30 am in the morning. This whole day is very prostrating same as other days that past. I am exhausted because it's very hot outside when i went to my work in alabang and i am not feeling well to due to my monthly visitor. It's been a week or two since i last wrote in my blog. I want to write, my mind is full of memories and experiences that i want to share the world but for some reason i can't do it. Every time i start to write in a paper as draft before i post it in my blog nothing comes out of my head as if it was empty, blank space like there is nothing to remember back, i ask my self why? Before i started blogging i have read an article regarding on how to start your blog, it says that one the requirements before you can start and write your own blog is you must first feel, know what you really want. Focus on what you want to blog about, what's on your mind as long it's legal there nothing wrong on blogging. You heart and mind must be relax empty of all barriers that kept you from doing something that you want to do. I guess the author is right i could not write nor blog anything because there is so many things that bothers me lately that is way i can not concentrate....
witch broom so much stress in life i guess i need to rest first.....


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