Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trying To Avoid Overlooked Issues


Lot's of women find this issues very difficult to avoid, but when practice there is a surprising good result in your relationship.

  • You ignore money matters- awkward, you need to discuss who should pay for what and how both you can afford.
  • Your too friendly with his pals- they're his friend and he wants to preserve that separate part of his life that doesn't include you.So don't tag along every time he's with them.
  • You never argue- by not addressing a problem, it probably won't be resolved. Explain how you're feeling, give him a chance to respond and don't let it turn into an insult bout.
  • You're too low maintenance - if he's inconsiderate and you don't call it out on him.He'll keep on treating you badly just be straight up and say you don't like being disrespect.
Photobucket as for me and my experiences it is truly very difficult to avoid this issues, but i always try not to forget this things and it never fails me. We have less fight now...


Seiko said...

Ahaha!Buti na lang hindi ako umiinom.
Thanks for the visit.
God Bless!

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